Let yourself be amazed by the Dark Skies of Utah: gaze out at the Milky Way, follow the Planets on their journey, marvel at distant Galaxies and Star Clusters, see the stunning colors of Nebulae and make a wish upon the streak of the occasional meteor. 

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Deriving from the Greek word kosmos, meaning “good order, orderly arrangement,” our Universe is a complex system in which order and harmony thrive, but cataclysmic events can happen! For centuries ancient cultures navigated seasons and oceans, built empires aligned with the stars and planets, and developed calendars based on the phenomena within the Cosmos. Come learn the stories of the constellations and planets and how they have been pillars developing religion, the supernatural, sciences, and more for ancient civilizations on Earth.

Planning for Your Tour

Preparing for your stargazing tour is key to having an enjoyable encounter with the Cosmos. While here on Earth chaos can ensue, we do our best to help you smoothly plan for our 2-hour program. Please be sure to read through our FAQ page for details.

Comfortable Clothing

Unplug from Technology

Restroom Services





Our stargazing tours are limited to 15 people to maintain an intimate, educational experience. Please contact us directly with questions regarding groups larger than 15.


What's included in the stargazing tour?

  • Guided walk to the stargazing location

  • 120-minute program by certified Dark Sky astronomers

  • Deep Sky Astrophotography to take home

  • Long Exposure Stargazing Photographs 

  • Experience with Professional Telescopes

  • Personal Zero Gravity Lounger with Blanket + Binoculars

  • Hot Beverage Station (Tea, Coffee and Hot Coco)

Per Person


$90 for children 12 and under